Book Formatting Options

Next Interior Formatting Opening: April 2025

Information & FAQs

  • Availabilities for projects are shown at the top of each product order page, and can also be found here.
  • Pre-payment is generally required to book new clients, however I understand well the cost of being an indie author, and so I am more than happy to discuss payment plans. I don’t require a deposit, but an invoice with the option to pay in partial sums is an option.
  • Please note that if the scope of the project greatly changes during the editing process, additional fees may occur.
  • Formatting orders include adaptive content for both digital (ePUB format) & print (PDF format) books. Files are ready for self-publishing on Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP), Apple Books, Kobo etc.
  • Exclusive rights are given to the client for use of the final, approved cover(s). Designs are not re-sold to another client. We do however reserve the right to use the final cover in promotional or marketing materials.
  • Attribution for the formatting and/or interior design should be included somewhere in the front matter of the published eBook or print book.

After Purchase

  • Please fill out a design brief for at least one book (if part of series, please send along any relevant/unique per book information). This will collect important details such as book title, pen name, pages to be included etc. A link to the print formatting brief can be found here.
  • Turnaround for first proof(s) can greatly depend on the scope and complexity of the project, depth of information provided and/or creative license given, as well as my current workload. I do endeavour to minimise project times where I can, and give priority to tighter publishing schedules, but this is not always possible. If you are concerned, please don’t hesitate to reach out.

For more info about booking and orders, please see my Information & FAQs page.