Information & FAQs

What services do you provide?
  • Are you an author, book box or publishing house? I can help with pretty much all aspects of your author journey or book-related business. A full list of services with pricing can be found here, but the services I currently offer include:
      • Custom cover design for eBooks, print books & audiobooks.
      • Interior formatting and design for eBooks & print books.
      • Social media promotional graphics (eg. teasers, reveals) including static & dynamic/animated images.
      • Amazon & web graphics including A+ banners.
      • Video trailers & teasers.
      • Author branding including logo design.
      • Merch/swag design including stickers, bookmarks & t-shirts.
  • Whilst I have over 15 years experience as a former web designer, I don't currently offer full web design in my packages simply because I don't have the time/capacity. I am however happy to provide advice or troubleshooting for your website or online store.
What genres do you design for?
  • My preferred genre to design for is adult romance. This is because I believe my gritty, textured design style best suits equally moody & gritty stories. However, I have and do design for everything from horror to fantasy to self-help books.
  • I am often asked if I design for lighter/softer romance, and the answer is yes! Just because I believe my style is on the darker side, doesn't mean I am opposed to designing for fluffy romance. I have happily done covers for small town romances, coming of age stories and sweet omegaverse novels.
  • I am very flexible and can follow any brief/request, but ultimately it is up to you, the author to decide whether my particular design style is right for you.
Are you available for projects now?
  • Availabilities for projects are shown at the top of each product order page, and can also be found here.
  • My availability generally reflects my capacity for new bookings. If you have a project with a pressing deadline and you need my help, please don't hesitate to reach out and we'll see if there's anyway I can assist.
How far out should I book my project?
  • I tend to stay booked at least two, sometimes three months out, so if you have an idea of when you'd be ready to start your project, getting on my planner at least a couple of months ahead of time would be the best approach.
  • Keep in mind not only your publishing schedule, but also your marketing schedule. Your book's release date is obviously important, but you also need to consider when you plan to do your cover reveal(s), tours, blasts, ARCs etc.
  • When booking, you will normally get the next available slot for that month. If booking more than three months out you may have a choice of which slot you'd prefer (slots are booked by week).
  • As always, you can always check my current availability here.
Do you require a deposit?
  • I don't take deposits.
  • Pre-payment in full is generally required to book new cover design clients, however I understand well the cost of being an indie author, and so I am more than willing to discuss the option of a payment plan.
  • Formatting is invoiced at hand-off, as the scope of interior projects can often grow and change beyond initial quotes due to the editing process.
  • Social and promotional graphics can be paid beforehand or at hand off.
  • Pre-made covers require purchase before customisation begins.
What is your turnaround time?
  • This is always a tricky question for me. Turnaround for first proof(s) can greatly depend on a few things, and can vary from project to project. I must consider:
      • The scope and complexity of the project and research/planning needed.
      • The depth of information provided and/or the amount of creative license given.
      • The urgency of your timeline/schedule. Sometimes projects require triaging due to deadlines.
      • My current workload.
      • My personal/family life (I am a special needs mum as well, and this requires frequent time away from the office for medical care).
      • The client's own workload, personal life and response time, including taking into consideration timezones (I am based in Melbourne, Australia, for reference).
  • Covers can take anywhere from 2-3 business days to several weeks depending on all of the above. My designs are very complex and detail-oriented,and require hours of asset research, planning and then for the designing itself.
  • Formatting is usually 2-4 business days depending on proofing/revisions.
  • Pre-mades are generally available for proofing within 1-2 business days.
  • Social/promo graphics are usually slotted in 1 or 2 days a week around the larger projects. I tend to do them in batches.
  • I do endeavour to minimise project times where I can, and give priority to tighter publishing schedules, but this is not always possible. If you are concerned, please don't hesitate to reach out.
How do I book/order?
  • You have a few options when booking. After checking that my next availability suits you and your project, you can either:
      • Order directly through the website by adding the products to your cart and checking out. I will then email you to confirm your slot.
      • Order through my Etsy store (covers and pre-mades only). I will message you via Etsy to confirm your slot.
      • Contact me directly via email or Instagram DM (for direct quotes, to confirm a booking, and/or to organise a payment/plan invoice.)
      • I currently accept payments via PayPal and Stripe.
What size and format will my eBook cover be?
  • All eBook covers are digital front covers only.
  • Graphics are sized at 1600px x 2560px and are fully customisable.
  • Final design will be provided in both .JPG and .TIFF formats.
What size and format will my print cover be?
  • Full print covers include front, spine and back designs.
  • Default sizing is 5in x 8in or 12.7cm x 20.32cm. Different sizing available on request (this can be specified in your brief).
  • Final design will be provided in both .PNG and .PDF formats.
I've booked a project with you, now what?
  • For both custom and pre-made covers, please fill out a separate design brief for EACH cover purchased. This will collect important details such as book title, pen name, element positioning, tagline, badge etc. A link to the brief can be found here.
  • For formatting, if you haven't already filled out the brief for your print and/or ebook interior booking, please find them here and here.
  • For social or promotional graphics, please email me the details of what you'd like included (imagery, quotes etc) at hello@quirkycirce.com.au.
  • For all projects, moodboards and inspo pics/links are always appreciated and can also be emailed to me.
Will I own the rights to my cover?
  • Exclusive rights are given to the client for use of the final, approved cover(s).
  • Designs are not re-sold to another client.
  • I do however reserve the right to use the final cover in promotional or marketing materials.
  • All assets (stock images, videos, music, fonts/typefaces etc) used in projects are legally licensed under a paid commercial or an open Creative Commons license.
I'm new to self-publishing and I need help!

Whether you need help with choosing a cover/trim size, formatting your manuscript, uploading your book to KDP/Amazon, uploading to other self-publishing platforms, proofing an eBook, or even just help/advice with marketing, I am happy to help however I can. Don't hesitate to shoot me a message either via email or Instagram.

How should I credit you?
  • Attribution for the cover or interior design (Quirky Circe Book Design or Quirky Circe) should be included somewhere in the front matter of the published eBook or print book.
Are your cover designs AI-generated?
  • No. My particular design style relies heavily on extensive and detailed photo/text manipulations, using both a slew of different licensed* assets (imagery, typography, textures etc), as well as varied and layered software techniques/effects, but they are not AI generated.

* All assets (stock images, videos, music, fonts/typefaces etc) used in projects are legally licensed under a paid commercial or an open Creative Commons license.